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Introducing the RollaCourt, the perfect solution for setting up your own Pickleball court. This profesional portable court system rolls out on any hard surface to create a true Pickleball experience, making it ideal for parks, schools, community centers, warehouses and backyards. The RollaCourt is designed with a gritty and durable playing surface, allowing players to enjoy the game as if they were playing on center court at professional tournaments. With its uncomplicated setup and high-quality construction, this portable court is a game-changer for any pickleball enthusiast. 


No more painted lines, tape on the floor, low visibibility and uneven or slippery surfaces. Get your RollaCourt ready for your next project.


Price includes delivery & installation within the Edmonton area.


Contact us for more information or to customize your RollaCourt!

RollaCourt Pickleball Court

    • 36' x 60'
    • 2.5mm 
    • RollaCourt comes packaged in 6 rolls (615 kg)
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